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Aleshanee is pleased to provide you with the Health Clearance information of our Australian Shepherds.


 Not only do they have outstanding pedigrees, they have excellent clearances, which allow Aleshanee Australian Shepherds to offer you a comprehensive Health guarantee.



CHARLIE              CERF                     2 YRS        NORMAL

CHARLIE              OFA HIPS              2 YRS        GOOD

CHARLIE              OFA ELBOWS        2 YRS        GOOD

CHARLIE              OFA PATELLAS     2 YRS        NORMAL

CHARLIE              MDR1                   1 YR          NORMAL/NORMAL

CHARLIE              HC                        1 YR          CLEAR    

CHARLIE              PELGER HUET        1 YR          CLEAR

CHARLIE              PRA                      2 YRS        CLEAR

CHARLIE              CEA/CH                2 YRS        CLEAR

CHARLIE              ASCA DNA            2 YRS        DNA-CP

CHARLIE              AKC DNA               2 YRS       PERFORMED


CHEYENNE           CERF                      1 YR          NORMAL CHEYENNE           CERF                      2 YRS        NORMAL

CHEYENNE           OFA HIPS               2 YRS        EXCELLENT

CHEYENNE           MDR1                    1 YR          NORMAL/NORMAL

CHEYENNE           ASCA DNA             3 YR          DNA-VP

MARIAH               CERF                     7 WEEKS    NORMAL

MARIAH               MDR1                    NORMAL/NORMAL (BY PARENTAGE)

MARIAH              ASCA DNA             2 YR          DNA-VP

NEVAEH                CERF                     7 WEEKS    NORMAL

NEVAEH                MDR1                   NORMAL/NORMAL (BY PARENTAGE)

NEVAEH               OFA ELBOWS         2 YRS        GOOD

NEVAEH               MDR1                    NORMAL/NORMAL (BY PARENTAGE)

NEVAEH              ASCA DNA             2 YR          DNA-VP

RYDER                  CERF                     7 WEEKS    NORMAL

RYDER                  MDR1                    NORMAL/NORMAL (BY PARENTAGE)

RYDER                 ASCA DNA             2 YR          DNA-VP

SHADOW              CERF                     1 YR         NORMAL

SHADOW              OFA HIPS              2 YRS       GOOD

SHADOW              OFA ELBOWS         2 YRS      GOOD

SHADOW              MDR1                    NORMAL/NORMAL (BY PARENTAGE)

SHADOW              ASCA DNA             2 YR          DNA-VP