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Ovulation ALWAYS occurs between 5 and 10ng progesterone.. not just at 5ng

In the days before we had progesterone blood draw testing, the rule of thumb suggested that we breed on day 12-14 of the heat cycle, with day one being the first sign of red blood.. Poor timing resulted in more missed breedings than we care to think of. To-day we know there is a lot of variance in ovulation timing which is why the LH Surge is now the factor that breeders should be spending more time learning about.. 

I will endeavor to explain the mechanics of breeding and the timing of the LH surge in layman terms below.. then you can make your own decision as to whether to use the Canine LH Surge Detection Strips in your breeding program 

In Canines, progesterone is a reproductive hormone that begins to increase in the bloodstream as ovulation approaches. When the level is approximately 2.0 + ng/ml, the hormone (LH) or luteinizing hormone is sent out from the pituitary gland at the base of the brain. 

The ‘SURGE’ of LH signals the beginning of the eggs being released from fluid filled sacks on the ovary containing the immature eggs and when the progesterone level is between 5 and 10 ng/ml, the bitch is ACTUALLY RELEASING eggs perhaps two, then one and NOT all at the same time. Dogs are the only mammal that ovulate IMMATURE EGGS. It will take two to three days for them to be ready to fertilize after the SURGE.  After the eggs are released, THEY CONTINUE TO MATURE for at least 48 hours to 3 days.

Bitches do not ovulate at 5ng and breeding plans should not be based on them reaching 5ng.. that is not the magic number you should be looking for if you do blood draw progesterone testing.

Bitches are best bred when their progesterone level is between 9.5 and 10ngs.

It is possible for a bitch to go to 5.0 and then stall and are bred and fail to conceive because they took longer to rise to above 9+. If you have a bitch that has frequently missed or missed for the first time, consider that the timing was off before jumping to conclusions that something else interfered with conception.

So, what role do the Canine LH Surge Detection Strips play in all of this  - PLENTY

They identify the day of the  LH surge , by changing colour to indicate the SURGE is occurring giving you the ability to time the breeding. You begin testing twice a day until you see a colour change from pink to shades of blue/burgundy or black.  Simply lay your bitch on her side and gently open the lips of the Vulva and place ( do not insert ) the Strip inbetween the lips and close for 30 seconds.. take it out and read the results.. the strip will come out a shade of wet pink if the SURGE is not occuring or it will change colour. Take your bitch out for a pee before starting to reduce the chance of a small clot of blood obscuring the results.  It is really that SIMPLE

The change in colour does not mean you breed the day of the colour change...

Remember.. the SURGE  identifies the LH hormone that triggers the release of the eggs which are not ripe and ready to accept sperm.. It takes two days after the LH surge for the eggs to be released and another two days for them to ripen, so you can introduce your mating pair 3-4 days after the colour change and ovulation should be in full swing.. then breed your normal pattern. Personally we breed two days in a row and then skip a day and breed again (this will catch any late releasing eggs).

Natural ties can be achieved this way without the use of a blood draw, but if you are going to do frozen or chilled semen breedings, most Vets and reproduction specialists will want an exact ng number and that can get expensive, so use the LH SURGE Detection Strips to identify the SURGE and then three days later take your bitch for a blood draw progesterone test.. This will help eliminate the expense of multiple Blood draws

Here are some images of positive results..

The left and right are positive and the middle is negative

A few of our hundreds of Testimonials

"Thank you so much.. We have 7 beautiful Dalmation pups from our girl who has missed three times.. We did it all with three strips.. Ann D 

" I am so hooked on these strips..  Wasted so much money in the past and we got a reading with our first strip and have a whelping box full of 5 Berners.. We will never be without them"  Janet M

"Was skeptical at first as you know Maureen, but not any longer..  Woot Woot..  no more blood draws and driving for hours to the repro vet.. Thank you so much for your patience with me..  We have 3 beautiful Frenchies thanks to you and our line continues" Barry F.


Please read about the LH surge below the order form.  There is a great deal of information that may help you in your breeding program


Welcome to the LH Surge Detection Strips.  A breeders dream come true. Our Strips identify the Surge which triggers ovulation giving the breeder a better understanding of the timing of the ovulation in your bitches. Further information is at the bottom of the page

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The LH Surge Detection Strips identify the Surge that triggers ovulation. You do not breed the day of the surge when the strips change colour. It takes two days for the eggs to start to be released and another two days for them to ripen and become sperm friendly. We suggest trying your first breeding 3-4 days after the Strips have identified the Surge


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75+ Strips are now only1.00 each

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